Talking With A Customer On The Lot

The Drive360 CRM brings you the freedom to interact with your customers on the lot, while still managing an efficient sales process. At the moment you greet your new customer, you can log their information with Customer Quick Add which includes driver’s license scan. While you’re working on finding that perfect new vehicle your customer has been looking for, you can also begin an appraisal on your customer’s trade-in by using the VIN scan feature which allows for effortless data entry. This info is sent directly to your used car manager, creating an expedited turnaround that keeps your sales cycle moving forward.

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Accessing information on the lot

In addition to managing your tasks, appointments and leads from a tablet or smartphone device, you can also manage inventory and access key information while walking with customers on the lot. After discovering what your customer desires in their new vehicle, you can then filter your inventory search by a range of criteria including year, make, model, price range and even keyword. You can also view a range of information about selected vehicles including warranty information, wholesale and retail values, images and pricing history.
When working with returning customers, you can view their customer profile to see sales and service history, lifetime value and other activity that will help your sales team understand the customer better. By harnessing the power of on-the-go information, you can offer your customer the best service and increase sales for your dealership.

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Presenting information to the customer

After completing a successful test drive, you can push vehicle and customer data directly from the lot to the sales desk to begin penciling the deal. If your customer has been in for service previously, you will receive alerts for service repair values that would be calculated into the new deal. You can also view hidden costs with pending service repairs that will help you calculate an accurate and fair deal for your customer.
When the offer is ready to view, it will push directly to your tablet or smartphone device so you can present it to your customer. You can then edit the offer, including notes from customer feedback, which will then be communicated to the desk all without leaving your customer.

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Signing on the tablet

Once a final offer is agreed upon, you can present the offer details and have the customer sign directly on the tablet. Save your customer time, close deals faster and offer your customer the next level of the car buying experience with Drive360 CRM.
To keep your customer retention high, you can set their first service appointment before they ever leave with their new vehicle. Receive equity alerts on service vehicles for sales opportunities and notifications on older vehicles with high repair costs, which can be turned into a new or used car purchase; a win-win solution for the dealership and customers!

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