"Mobile First" Platform

Use of mobile devices has skyrocketed during the last three years.

Time spent online on tablets has soared a startling 1,040% while time spent online on now ubiquitous smartphones has jumped 237%, comScore says.

Time spent online on desktops has grown a paltry 7%.

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More Productive Salespeople

Gone are the days of salespeople standing on the car lot taking turns for the next “up.”

Per the 2014 Polk Automotive Buyer Influence Study, new car shoppers spend an average of 12 hours online researching and shopping for a new car.

More than 80% of customers take test-drives during the car buying process, underscoring the continuing strategic importance of dealers

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Accesible on All Platforms

Drive360 CRM multi platform is more Productive

Utilize Drive360® CRM to allow your dealership to use an integrated combination of modules that automate your business functions from inventory management and marketing to lead generation and customer retention.

Streamline your processes across multiple departments and start managing with one touch point.Utilize Drive360® CRM serves as the foundation for your dealership growth strategy.

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CRM Made Simple

One of the best characteristics of Drive360 CRM platform system is its simplicity.

Less that 50% of all customers who visit the dealership are logged into the dealrship CRM.

Contact attempts beyond the second attempt drop off 540 percent. 

The average number of contact attempts in automotive is 1.7!

Average customer retention is at 37% which means 63% go elsewhere.


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Our Company

Our culture, the INTERACTIVE 360 CULTURE, is one characterized by a sincere recognition that our employees are important, significant and valuable. It is a culture that provides opportunities for professional and personal growth, where all people inside and outside the company are treated ethically, courteously and with respect. It is a culture where leadership works at removing the hindrances and roadblocks that could prevent our employees from success in their mission of serving all customers well. It is a culture where leadership has a responsibility for creating and maintaining an environment in which all employees have opportunity for success in their jobs.

The INTERACTIVE 360 CULTURE is one that is characterized by integrity, professionalism, high ethical standards, friendliness, and mutual respect for all. Our culture is one that strives to be the preeminent software company in our segments, serves our customers well, maintains high expectations from all employees, operates efficiently and profitably, and uses our human resources and capital prudently.

The INTERACTIVE 360 CULTURE encourages an environment where Interactive 360, Inc. will be legendary because of the commitment to excellence by our employees.

Drive360 CRM Mobile Platform

Our Solution “Mobile First”

Automotive dealerships that are looking for the most advanced CRM, look no further for this is CRM simplified with all the required tools in one solution.

Built as a “Mobile First”, Drive360® CRM is designed using today’s latest software development methodologies. Having multiple layers in the architecture the user is able to access data at lightning speed and using cloud services all information is accessible rapidly.

For years, most automotive dealership CRM software companies have designed their tool for the desktop/laptop PC. For these companies, mobile (if it even happened) was a barebones part of the desktop version. Sadly, this approach actually made sense for a while. Browsing the Web on mobile phones was painful; carriers controlled access to the Web on their devices; and mobile network speeds often made everything grind to a halt. So few people used the Web on mobiles and those that did were frequently faced with an unpleasant experience.

But things have changed so dramatically over the past few years that starting with the desktop may be an increasingly backwards way of thinking about a Web based automotive dealership CRM software. Designing for mobile first, Drive360® CRM not only prepares us for the explosive growth in data needs and keep ahead of the needs of the dealer, it forces us to focus and enables us to be innovative.


Our Advantage

Having a broad depth of Automotive Retail, Software Development, Digital Background and many Software solutions under our belt.


Drive360 Automotive CRM Simplified

CRM Simplified