Talking With A Customer On The Lot

The Interactive 360 Sales and Service Management System brings you the freedom to interact with your customers on the lot, while still managing an efficient sales process. At the moment you greet your new customer, you can log their information with Customer Quick Add which includes driver’s license scan. While you’re working on finding that perfect new vehicle your customer has been looking for, you can also begin an appraisal on your customer’s trade-in by using the VIN scan feature which allows for effortless data entry. This info is sent directly to your used car manager, creating an expedited turnaround that keeps your sales cycle moving forward.
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Accessing information on the lot

In addition to managing your tasks, appointments and leads from a tablet or smartphone device, you can also manage inventory and access key information while walking with customers on the lot. After discovering what your customer desires in their new vehicle, you can then filter your inventory search by a range of criteria including year, make, model, price range and even keyword. You can also view a range of information about selected vehicles including warranty information, wholesale and retail values, images and pricing history.
When working with returning customers, you can view their customer profile to see sales and service history, lifetime value and other activity that will help your sales team understand the customer better. By harnessing the power of on-the-go information, you can offer your customer the best service and increase sales for your dealership.
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Presenting information to the customer

After completing a successful test drive, you can push vehicle and customer data directly from the lot to the sales desk to begin penciling the deal. If your customer has been in for service previously, you will receive alerts for service repair values that would be calculated into the new deal. You can also view hidden costs with pending service repairs that will help you calculate an accurate and fair deal for your customer.
When the offer is ready to view, it will push directly to your tablet or smartphone device so you can present it to your customer. You can then edit the offer, including notes from customer feedback, which will then be communicated to the desk all without leaving your customer.
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Signing on the tablet

Once a final offer is agreed upon, you can present the offer details and have the customer sign directly on the tablet. Save your customer time, close deals faster and offer your customer the next level of the car buying experience with Interactive 360 SSMS.
To keep your customer retention high, you can set their first service appointment before they ever leave with their new vehicle. Receive equity alerts on service vehicles for sales opportunities and notifications on older vehicles with high repair costs, which can be turned into a new or used car purchase; a win-win solution for the dealership and customers!
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The interaction between your customer, your website and your online and offline affiliates can create powerful feedback loops that heighten your customer’s engagement with your dealership. Organic search and PPC campaigns, in conjunction with social media, bring customers directly to your site, where we capture their interest through both strategic and user-aware content placement.


Interactive360 on-site Training & Consulting is one of the most in-depth hands-on experiences offered in the industry. Our trainers have worked at all the levels of the dealership as well as OEMs and have the personal experience to assess the performance of your dealership and provide actionable strategies for improvement. Our consultants will perform an onsite evaluation of your areas of “pain” and collaboratively create the right action plan for you, your managers and sales team.

Interactive 360 SSMS (Sales and Service Management System)

Utilize Interactive 360 SSMS (Sales and Service Management System) to allow your dealership to use an integrated combination of modules that automate business functions from inventory management and marketing to lead generation and customer retention. Streamline your processes across multiple departments and start managing with one touch-point. Interactive 360 SSMS serves as the foundation for your dealership growth strategy.

Accessible from a smartphone or tablet, Interactive 360 SSMS functions to unite your departments into one efficient system that can reduce the amount of time from customer arrival to vehicle delivery by as much as 25%.


From variable to fixed operations, our experienced team can increase sales, strengthen customer retention, cultivate leadership and offer a uniquely interactive training experience. Accelerate your momentum with Interactive 360 Training & Consulting.

Interactive 360 SSMS

Streamline your processes across multiple departments and start managing with one touch-point. Interactive 360 SSMS serves as the foundation for your dealership growth strategy.


With Interactive 360’s custom-built websites, “getting more to your door” isn’t just a catch phrase; it’s the reality you can expect from a digital marketing and technology company.

Mobile App Development

Interact and connect with your customers no matter what device they are on. Interactive 360 offers custom iOS and Android mobile app development.
Interactive 360 is a skilled and knowledgeable innovator in Automotive eCommerce. They have a clear understanding of what moves the needle in today’s automotive environment. I endorse and recommend Interactive 360 as an asset to any dealership looking to improve process, strategy and results in Internet Marketing. Jeff Wardwell

Automotive Marketing, Driving Force

Interactive 360’s training and guidance has been instrumental in improving our service advisor team. Our team has increasingly improved their performance since the introduction of Interactive 360. Vaughn Nadeau

Service Director, Legacy Toyota

Before getting together with Interactive 360 we didn’t know what we didn’t know. As we applied their forward thinking methodologies, we tripled our Internet business while strengthening our brand. The results have been spectacular! They knows their stuff! Mike Good

General Manager, Street Toyota

This year at Brent Brown Toyota, we have seen more than a 12% growth in service and parts sales. With the development of an effective BDC and an appointment scheduler/reminder system, we have kept our service shop full. Because of our partnership with Interactive 360, we have been able to stay in contact with our customers and give them a consistent message on the phone and at the time of write-up. The fixed operations training that Interactive 360 offers has helped move our financial needle and create a more satisfied customer base. George Brown

Service Director, Brent Brown Toyota

Interactive 360 has been a valued partner to our dealerships for over a year. It was important that we find a company that understood our industry and could handle every aspect of our online business and they have delivered in every aspect by doing what they said they would do and more. The monthly training and consulting aspect has been invaluable in keeping us on track for continued success. We are extremely pleased with their performance and will continue to utilize their services. I would highly recommend any dealership that desires to grow their business to consider becoming a partner with Interactive 360. Deric Gray

Owner, Permian Auto Group