Drive360 CRM

CRM simplified...Accessible from a smartphone or tablet, each module of the sales and service management system functions to unite your departments.

Enhance efficiency. Increase competitiveness.

Utilize Drive360® CRM to allow your dealership to use an integrated combination of modules that automate your business functions from inventory management and marketing to lead generation and customer retention. Streamline your processes across multiple departments and start managing with one touch point.Utilize Drive360® CRM serves as the foundation for your dealership growth strategy.

Scalability and Accuracy

From single rooftop dealerships to multi-rooftop auto groups,Utilize Drive360® CRM brings a scalable suite of modules that allows for a comprehensive picture of total performance. In order to increase efficiency and profitability, automatic aggregation of real-time data into one easy-to-read report makes the close of your month less stressful and more accurate. Customize your CRM with the business processes that are specific to your dealership and experience the power of flexibility and ease of use that makeUtilize Drive360® CRM so important to those who use it most.

Tablet and Smartphone Management


Management and employees want real-time access to information no matter where they are.Utilize Drive360® CRM allows for role-specific access to tools, data and analytics on-the-go and in real-time. The changing retail environment requires an informed and nimble team.Utilize Drive360® CRM is optimized for smartphone and tablet platforms to meet this need and keep conversions growing.

Key features and benefits of Utilize Drive360® CRM

• Quickly add customers from the lot • Manage showroom activity in real time • Remotely manage all tasks and appointments • Search by Year, Make, Model, Age, Stock Type, Promo, Term, Keyword • Get appraisals on the go with automatic appraisal notification to your used car manager • Create custom syndication with one-click • Access the CRM industry’s first comprehensive reporting tool • Create finance “rules” based on financial institutions and lease companies • Create pricing “rules” on new and used inventory • Compatible on all browsers and devices • Manage your leads with pre-designed templates • Near real time pull to your DMS • Upload inventory images immediately from the lot • Get potential equity alerts on incoming sales and service appointments • Use VIN Scan to eliminate the risk of data entry errors • Access up to date market analysis remotely • Quick-view a summary of the “Deal Info” when desking a deal to access data such as Cost, Gross Profit and Loan to Value vin-scan

Customer Quick Add

Managing your new customers as you interact with them allows your sales process to flow evenly and efficiently from the start. Whether you are behind you’re desk, speaking with a new customer or walking the lot, Customer Quick Add allows you to easily log every lead on your desktop or through your tablet and smartphone device. Enable the use of drivers license scan to quickly log customer data without losing valuable time with your customer. add_customers

Desking Module

Utilize Drive360® CRM Desking module allows you to save time when penciling a deal with automated processes and offers the ability to manage multi-vehicle deals with consistency and accuracy.

Access credit reports pulled from up to three credit bureaus, vehicle information, appraisals and customer information with one-click as well as pricing rules based on your preferred lenders.

Simplicity is your dealership’s best friend, and withUtilize Drive360® CRM Desking you have the ability to quick-view your deal summary at any point in order to keep an eye on Front-End Gross, Gross Profit, LTV and more.

Your sales team no longer has to leave their customer in order to work a deal. Sales managers have the ability to chat and push alerts directly to tablet and smartphone devices, which keeps salespeople in front of customers and closing deals faster. Integrated with RouteOne, access is available to tax records for all 50 states. Import rebate & incentive updates daily and transmit data in real time with your CRM so you can count on accuracy without duplicated data.

Scan your financial & lease institutions by payment & profit to find the most optimal deal for you and your customers to ensure customer retention. After all a happy customer is a return customer.

Key Features:

    • Tablet full desking to take with on your TO
    • Comprehensive rebate system to identify national, regional and special factory programs while checking for stackable scenarios to maximize your deal
    • Seamless handoff from Showroom Manager
    • State, City, County tax lookup tables
    • Co-Buyer swap function
    • ALG lease residuals for up to 84 months with residualized option lookup
    • Multi Payment/Single Payment
    • Bank rules to align with your banks guidelines to align with tiers, LTV and rates based on credit
    • Credit report technology
    • Keep in front of any Red-Flag, Adverse Action or Risk Based Pricing compliance issues with a back up letter sending function on your behalf
    • Work up to 5 vehicles on one customer
    • Route One deal push
    • Multiple Deal recall for that busy Saturday
    • Forms with merge fields
    • Electronic pencil to send via email to your customer
    • Finance log to see which deals are pending, booked or finalized to see status of each deal so there is no surprises at the end of the month
    • Trade in log
    • NADA, KBB and Blackbook book out system
    • Open RO notification
    • 25 different deal worksheet depending on scenario that best suits your customer

drive360 crm desking


Lead Manager

Robust lead management software is arguably one of the most important pieces of your CRM system. Research has shown that car buyers are 5 times more likely to continue doing business with a dealer who responded first. With Drive360® CRM, lead management is streamlined and filtered by salesperson. All leads are categorized through a range of organizational fields including unanswered leads, working leads, leads by age range, sold leads and website leads. Quick access to the customer profile allows for easy editing of customer information within your lead manager tool. leadmanager

Showroom Manager

The Showroom Manager inDrive360® CRM allows for a real-time view of current visits including previous day and next day. With customized color time bands, management will have a clear picture of visit lengths at a quick glance. showroom-manager

My Community

Unlike the competition that treats each module separately, My Community is a central command for keeping track of all the information pertaining to your customers such as preferred method of communication, Lifetime Values Activity on how many vehicles, repairs, text permission, emails, complaints and sales detail on prior purchases that allow you to identify prior behavior, repair order values listed and more. Key functions of My Community include: reference your customer, add notes, add tasks, send email directly from your sales and service management system, make a phone call via integrated softphone, log an appointment, log a visit, desk a deal, search inventory, run an appraisal, access a credit application and schedule a service appointment all from one place. Everything you need to know about your customer can be accessed from here on demand from smartphone, tablet or the web. my-community

Task Manager

Filtered by customer or by salesperson, the task manager withinDrive360® CRM is designed to keep your team on track and working efficiently. When setting appointments within the task manager, confirmation emails are sent to management so sales associates are aware that management will be expecting each customer. In addition to automatic filtering by type of appointment, your team has the ability to create and edit tasks on the go with your tablet or smartphone on iOS or Android devices. task-manager

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Activity Log
The Activity Log module of Interactive 360’s SSMS gives you a clear snapshot of real-time activity of an individual, team or dealership. With use of the tablet or smartphone platform, you can view real-time information from anywhere in the world giving you the control you need and the freedom you want.

Activity Manager snapshot

Inventory Module

Inventory…the backbone of your dealership. Having the right inventory at the right price and at the right time is the goal of any dealership looking to run at maximum efficiency.

The minute you step out on to the lot, Interactive 360 SSMS Inventory module allows you to manage your inventory right in the palm of your hand. Quickly search by stock, year, make, model, price range and even keyword and scan a vehicle’s VIN number to avoid data entry errors.

Upload images while standing next to a vehicle and edit pricing and descriptions. With real time push and pull from your DMS*, you’ll rest assured that any changes you make remotely will reflect on your site immediately giving you the freedom to interact more with your customers.

The Inventory module offers a new, more simple way to manage the vehicles that you need to meet the demand of your direct market. Create pricing rules with manual or automatic implementation and engage them with your SSMS’s new and used vehicle allocation system.

With a true market analysis of your region, Interactive 360’s Inventory module can deliver a much more detailed report of vehicle demand and pricing information which allows you to select the right vehicles that your customers want….all in real time.

*limited to certain DMS systems

Key Features:

  • Merchandizing dashboard for quick reference
  • Online VDP views
  • Carfax and/or Autocheck Quick view
  • Vehicle Quote via email
  • MMS images and video sent on demand to customer to send photos or virtual walk around
  • Auto description writer based on vehicle options and custom comments for dealership
  • Wholesale and retail market pricing
  • Unlimited inventory syndication system
  • Price and mileage ranking
  • Price Change history
  • Near real-time recon manager to see what is in your shop, how long it is the shop and what is being done to it
  • Detail pricing rules based on year, make, model or model #, days on lot, days supply and many more options
  • Bucket based pricing
  • Complete appraisal system with market analysis, book values, transactional competitive sales, RL polk sales history, auction data for comparison
  • Trim-Style based on build data for proper description writing

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Service Drive Control Module
The Service Drive Control Module provides you and your service team with a one-stop solution for monitoring open and closed ROs’, equity alerts and customer and vehicle details. Filter results by date range, main shop or express shop, pay type, or service advisor and technician to zero in on exactly the information you need to see. Create custom trigger events and choose preferred methods of alert delivery such as text or email. With Interactive 360’s Service Drive Control Module, you can monitor the completion of multi-point inspections and service advisor upselling to improve performance, customer satisfaction and profitability

service drive control manager


The traditional month end for dealerships meant a barrage of stress related to a largely unorganized database of hard to track information based on real-time activities. As sales and service systems have improved over recent years, reporting has become an easier process.Drive360® CRM takes reporting to the next level in order to increase efficiency and profitability. Automatic aggregation of real-time data into one easy-to-read report makes the close of your month less stressful and more accurate.

Check In Module

Much like a clock in / clock out system, the Check In module keep management aware of which of their sales team is available to take leads. This functionality works especially well when you have a Round Robin in the store. When a sales associate doesn’t pick up a lead within a given amount of time, it automatically gets transferred to another associate until it is picked up.

Campaign Manager

Creating your own email campaigns becomes a simple step-by-step process withDrive360® CRM Campaign Manager. Target new, used or both types of customers and filter a range of criteria including service specials, sold customers and lost customers. A guided system makes it easy to make sure you don’t miss a single step in the process so your campaigns run smoothly and effectively.

Appraisal Module

Drive360® CRM Appraisal module allows for on-the-go appraisals from your tablet or smartphone device and sent directly to your used car manager. With VIN scan capability, effortless data entry enables an error free appraisal experience as well as an expedited turnaround to keep your sales cycle moving forward.

CRM Simplified