Drive360 CRM

CRM simplified...Accessible from a smartphone or tablet, each module of the sales and service management system functions to unite your departments.

Drive360 CRM Automotive Dealership CRM Software

Key features and benefits of Utilize Drive360® CRM

  • Quickly add customers from the lot
  • Manage showroom activity in real time
  • Remotely manage all tasks and appointments
  • Search by Year, Make, Model, Age, Stock Type, Promo, Term, Keyword
  • Get appraisals on the go with automatic appraisal notification to your used car manager
  • Create custom syndication with one-click
  • Access the CRM industry’s first comprehensive reporting tool
  • Create finance “rules” based on financial institutions and lease companies
  • Create pricing “rules” on new and used inventory
  • Compatible on all browsers and devices
  • Manage your leads with pre-designed templates
  • Near real time pull from DMS
  • Upload inventory images immediately from the lot
  • Get potential equity alerts on incoming sales and service appointments
  • Use VIN Scan to eliminate the risk of data entry errors
  • Access up to date market analysis remotely
  • Quick-view a summary of the “Deal Info” when desking a deal to access data such as Cost, Gross Profit and Loan to Value
Active Tile Dashboard

Active Tile Dashboard

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Mobile CRM

Mobile First CRM

Drive360 CRM is the only full mobiel CRM for the automotive dealership. Available in IOS and Android for smartphones and tablets.

Appraisal Tool

Appraisal Manager

Get all the needed information to make an itelligent decision including all major book values and market analysis.

Automotive CRM Showroom Manager

Showroom Control Manager

See who is with what customer, what vehicle they are on and how long they have been with them.

Automotive CRM Desking Tool

CRM Desking Tool

Work deals for your customer in 50 different scenarios, load bank scenarios, pull up to date rebates and incentives while checking compatibility.

Automotive CRM Lead Manager

CRM Lead Manager

Manage all of your Text, Web and Phone leads in one place.

Automotive CRM Task Manager.

Activity Task Manager

Keep up to date on what activities are needed to be completed today.

Automotive CRM Customer Manager

Customer Manager Tool

View and Manage all information on your Customer incuding quotes, appraisals and even lifetime values.

Automotive CRM Inventory Tool

Inventory Manager Tool

Manage all of your inventory in one place to include photos, descriptions, pricing and syndication to 3rd parties.

Automotive CRM Activity Manager

Activity Manager Tool

See who is keeping up to date with their activities and see all in one window for a snapshot or by detail.

Automotive CRM Call Telephony

Call Telephony System

Using browser based calling and click to call, the user can keep in touch with the customer and automatically complete tasks.

Automotive CRM Reporting Tool

Report Manager Tool

Get up to date reports, add to favorites or schedule a report to be sent to you automatically filtered by team, employee or dates.

Automotive CRM Efficiency

Enhance efficiency. Increase competitiveness.

Utilize Drive360® CRM to allow your dealership to use an integrated combination of modules that automate your business functions from inventory management and marketing to lead generation and customer retention. Streamline your processes across multiple departments and start managing with one touch point.Utilize Drive360® CRM serves as the foundation for your dealership growth strategy.

Automotive CRM Scalability and Accuracy

Scalability and Accuracy

From single rooftop dealerships to multi-rooftop auto groups,Utilize Drive360® CRM brings a scalable suite of modules that allows for a comprehensive picture of total performance. In order to increase efficiency and profitability, automatic aggregation of real-time data into one easy-to-read report makes the close of your month less stressful and more accurate. Customize your CRM with the business processes that are specific to your dealership and experience the power of flexibility and ease of use that makeUtilize Drive360® CRM so important to those who use it most.

Automotive CRM Productivity

Tablet and Smartphone Management

Management and employees want real-time access to information no matter where they are.Utilize Drive360® CRM allows for role-specific access to tools, data and analytics on-the-go and in real-time. The changing retail environment requires an informed and nimble team.Utilize Drive360® CRM is optimized for smartphone and tablet platforms to meet this need and keep conversions growing.

CRM Simplified