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What is Drive 360 CRM?

Drive 360 CRM is a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) that evolves the current CRM's to integrate the Social Communities into the core function of dealer/customer communication. Drive 360 CRM is, first, a strategy that is supported by tools and technologies. The strategy is based around customer engagement and interactions, with transactions being a byproduct. Drive 360 CRM is still about CRM (but evolved), meaning a back-end process and system for managing customer relationships and data in an efficient and process-centric way. Drive 360 CRM also provides a solution that integrates all platforms needed to create, manage and retain customers. Drive 360 CRM now gives a dealership the ability to have one solution that meets all of their needs instead of multiple solutions that do not integrate together.

How it works

The system is optimized for smart phone and tablet platforms. The salesperson can actually input the customer information, trade-in information and vehicle selection from their smart phone. The tablet can be used to present figures to a customer after a credit report has been obtained within the Drive 360 CRM tool. A notification is sent to the tablet/PC and the financial figures then can be shown to potential customer. The solution has been engineered to be cross compatible on all major internet browsers and operating systems. Once the Customer information is obtained, the salesperson can then manage the relationship easier and market to the client in several forms. During this whole process, the salesperson stays with the customer and the tablet or pc becomes the delivery method. It still incorporates touch technology, but some typing is required in responding to customers and/or editing information.

The salesperson can handle his follow-ups, lead management and even send financial quotes to a potential customer from built-in financial calculators with the tablet/pc, email or in printed form. The salesperson now has a virtual dealership available to work with his or her customer. By using the Drive 360 CRM, the salesperson now has a bilateral communication tool that allows them to manage the relationship in real time. This tool will incorporate push notification technology to send task alerts to his/her smartphone to remind them of overdue tasks. It will also alert a manager when a vehicle appraisal is pending. When new figures are ready to present to the customer from the manager, it will notify them on their tablet, smart phone or desktop so they can share with customer in person or via email.

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