Training & Consulting

Interactive360 on-site Training & Consulting is one of the most in-depth hands-on experiences offered in the industry. Our Trainers have worked at all the levels of the dealership as well as OEMs and have the personal experience to assess the performance of your dealership and provide actionable strategies for improvement.

Our consultants will perform an onsite evaluation of your areas of “pain” and collaboratively create the right action plan for you, your managers and sales team. Your action plan is tailored to the results that you desire and comes with a guarantee of satisfaction.


The ability to achieve a goal is to first understand where to start. In order to first understand your unique business, our trainers will perform the:

2-Day Interactive 360 Management Strategy Workshop

A strategy to help retailers get “More to Their Doors”!

(By Phone, Click or Brick) 

The purpose of this Strategy Workshop is to refine, revise and enhance your current strategies and processes.  This helps us determine if it is a “knowing problem” or a “doing problem.”

Performed with Owners, GM, GSM, Sales Managers, BDC/Internet Managers, and Service & Parts Managers, this 2-day session takes a deep dive to evaluate each of the seven areas of opportunity in order to understand where your dealership is now and where your dealership needs to be.

The 7 Assessment areas are:

  1. Showroom Sales Process
  2. Internet Lead Handling Process
  3. Phone Lead Handling Process
  4. Unsold Follow up Process
  5. Sold Follow up Process
  6. Service Process
  7. Prospecting Process

After these initial assessments, the Interactive 360 training and consulting team provides best practices and presents their recommendations for advancing your team’s capabilities and reaching your dealership’s specific goals.

Interactive360 will provide you with all the necessary tracking reports so that you can monitor your success as well as ours as we move forward in our partnership together.

If your training and consulting partnership with Interactive 360 includes Drive360® CRM, your dealership is qualified to receive our ROI guarantee*. Interactive360 will work with you and your team to make sure that all training processes match your Drive360® CRM. The problem with CRM systems today is underutilization, and as we all know, a CRM is only as good as what you enter into it from the start.

The CRM is intended to act as a personal assistant to everyone using it. Drive360® CRM will match your store’s follow-up processes and follow the seven areas of opportunity as we have defined them.


Our training is done through a one-year contract (24 days per year) tailored to your specific dealership needs and goals.

The cost is $3,000 per month plus travel related expenses excluding meals. You have the ability to dictate the number of days per month over the contract period to total 24 training days at the end of the year.

Put an end to lost opportunities and call us today for more information!

“Accelerate your momentum with Interactive 360 Training & Consulting.”

*Depending on terms and conditions, Interactive 360 offers a guarantee of 5 times your dealership’s return on investment.

  • Phone Skills
    Phone Skills

  • Social Media Management
    Social Media Management

  • Owner Retention
    Owner Retention

  • Unsold Follow Up
    Unsold Follow Up

  • Team building
    Team building

  • Leadership / Management Training
    Leadership / Management Training

  • Process Improvement
    Process Improvement

  • Road To The Sale
    Road To The Sale

  • Internet Skills
    Internet Skills

  • Negotiation Skills
    Negotiation Skills

  • Service Drive Training
    Service Drive Training

  • Lease Training
    Lease Training